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How Pros Prepare for an Interior House Painting Service

Are you having the interior of your home painted? A fresh coat of paint is a great way to transform the style and appearance of your interior design. You may be changing the color completely, or you may simply be adding a fresh coat of paint in the same color to enhance the appearance of your walls. Either way, new paint can make your home feel like it’s brand new. In fact, according to House Grail, after painting an interior room, 88% of people have more desire to be at home. Below are a few ways your painting contractor will prepare your home for an interior house painting service.

Repair Damaged Surfaces

Before your interior house painting project begins, it’s important that they take a close look at your walls and ceiling to inspect for any cracks, holes, or other damage that might need to be repaired. Some repairs might include filling small cracks with spackling compounds, sanding rough surfaces to make them smooth, and patching up any holes or dents. By taking care of these issues first, your freshly painted walls will be blemish-free in the end.

Move Furniture

To make sure your items stay clean during the interior house painting process, your contractor will be able to move any furniture to the center of the room that they’ll be painting. This might include things like sofas, tables, and chairs. By moving these items, your contractor will have full access to the walls they’re painting, and the items are safe from paint splatters.

Tape the Walls and Put Down Drop Cloths

It should come as no surprise that interior house painting can be messy. Your contractor will tape off your trim, windows, doors, and more so they don’t get paint on those items. Also, they’ll put drop cloths on the floor to protect your carpet or flooring. They’ll be sure that the drop cloth fully covers the floor and doesn’t have any gaps. You’d be surprised how easily paint can find its way into even the smallest opening!

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