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Home to the famous dwellings of James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson, Albemarle County, VA, has an appreciation for stately beauty amongst its beautiful Piedmont region landscapes. Whether your home is stately or cozy, in the city, or nestled on a farm, you can depend on the skilled Albemarle painter services of RB Painting Company to keep your home looking its best.

Locally owned and operated, RB Painting Company began in 2004 in Charlottesville, VA. Founder Roberto Becerra and his crew of experienced painters take great pride in delivering high-quality painting results inside and outside your home.

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Exterior Albemarle Painter Services

An exterior painting project always begins with the client. Our painting team discusses the entire project with you and ensures that your needs and design wishes are understood.

Ready to paint, we begin by removing and protecting your personal property, including outdoor furniture, plants, and landscaping. We pressure wash the surfaces, if necessary, or hand wash them to prepare the surface for the fresh paint. Loose or peeling paint is thoroughly removed, and we inspect the surface as well, looking for any signs of damage or rotten wood that could become a problem later.

Next, we prime the surface, filling with caulk in any cracks or gaps. Popped nails are set back into place, and holes in the walls are filled in. We may even re-glaze the windows, if necessary. Once the surfaces have been primed and prepared, we complete the painting job as outlined in the contract.

We follow the same procedure when staining deck flooring or sealing concrete, ensuring a smooth, even coating and beautiful finish.

RB Painting Company offers a range of exterior painting services, including:

Interior Albemarle Painter Services

For small to large indoor painting projects, RB Painting Company provides a wide range of services, including:

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Our interior painting projects start with a design plan and consultation. Once we’ve worked with you to choose the paint and desired finishes, we prepare the interior space. We move the furniture to the center of the room and will protect and cover the carpet and flooring.

The surface is then prepared, first with fillers to eliminate any holes or imperfections in the surface, then coated with primer. We fill the remaining gaps between the main surface and the trim around the window, doors, and baseboards with caulk before finally applying the paint or stain as contracted.

Maintenance Plans

RB Painting Company understands that weather and wear take their toll on your painted services. Peeling paint, color fading, mold, mildew, and rotten wood may lead to costly repairs if not caught early. Our painting and washing maintenance plans offer preventative care for your painted surfaces to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

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