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Painting Commercial Services In Hollymead

Both residential and commercial buildings in Hollymead rely on routine maintenance. One way to boost your property’s value is with a quality paint job from a Hollymead Painter. Since 2004, RB Painting Company has served Hollymead and the surrounding areas with exceptional interior and exterior painting services.

Get a free estimate and learn about our maintenance plan by filling out the contact form or calling RB Painting Company at (434) 825-4271.

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RB Painting Company Services

At RB Painting Company, our experts know that you can transform an old or outdated property with a quality paint job. Every Hollymead painter at RB Painting Company takes the time to learn about your aesthetic goals and create a plan that helps you achieve those objectives.

RB Painting Company offers a wide range of services for residential and commercial buildings in Hollymead, VA:

Every service comes with a dedicated Hollymead painter who works hard to provide unmatched results with exceptional customer service. Contact RB Painting Company to get a free estimate on your custom paint job in Hollymead, VA.

The Hollymead Painter Process

RB Painting Company tailors every painting job to fit the unique needs of every customer.
However, you can expect the following basic steps.

Consultation and Planning

Before we start any project, we take the time to meet with our customers and learn about their home or building goals. We'll review your paint color and finish options to devise a plan that fits your goals. Once we establish a plan, we create and review a written agreement with you. Upon your approval, we can start the painting project.

Preparation and Painting

One of the most important things to do before painting is preparing the area. Whether outside or inside, we use protective coverings to lay on the floor, furniture, and anything else you don't want paint on. Our painters are careful with every stroke to create a smooth finish and flawless results.


RB Painting Company keeps in touch throughout every step of the process. We answer your questions and keep you updated on our progress, so you never have to worry about surprises.

Final Walk-through

Once we finish, we double-check our work to ensure that we produce high-quality results. However, we don't consider the job complete until you say so. Once you are satisfied, we clean up our equipment and let you enjoy your freshly painted home or building.