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Deck Staining

Deck Staining Services

Your deck is the center for summer gatherings. Outdoor meals, long sunny days by the pool, or family nights near the fire — whatever you enjoy, a reliable and beautiful deck is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

When the weather gets warm, you want to ensure your deck is in good shape so you can use it every day without compromise. The deck staining services offered by RB Painting Company in the Charlottesville area are the perfect way to transform your deck so that it looks great for years to come.

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What’s Involved in a Restoration?

There are plenty of steps involved in restoring your deck. It’s not a simple process that anyone should take on. The deck staining professionals at RB Painting Company can handle every step in the staining process.

Deck maintenance

These steps include:

Scraping and Cleaning

The first step in the restoration process is removing any chipped or old paint. During this phase, any debris and built-up residue can be removed with a power washer.


During sanding, our deck staining professionals remove old stains and sand down soft spots to be resurfaced.


The last step in restoring a deck is applying the new stain or paint to create a beautiful finish.

Consider the Aesthetic Improvements

Deck staining involves multiple steps, but it’s well worth the benefits to your deck’s appearance. Investing in a deck restoration will make your deck look brand new.

Going for a new stain color over the top of a refinished deck allows the grains of wood to emerge. Plus, it allows you to customize your deck color to your liking for a personalized finish.

Pressure Washing on stain deck
Deck Finishing

Improve Deck Quality

While deck staining is an aesthetically pleasing change, it also ensures the longevity of the wood that makes up your deck. As time goes on, the weather has a big effect on the wood. 

Things like rain, water damage, and excessive sunlight all alter the integrity of your wooden deck. By getting professional restoration services with RB Painting Company, you ensure that your deck staining leaves your deck in the best shape.

Popular Stain Choices

When you decide to have your deck stained, you get to customize your style. There’s a wide variety of stains and paint colors that can transform the look of your deck and heighten the appeal of your yard.

Pressure Washing and Staining a Deck Charlottes